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Buisness Photo. Age 25Writer, Blogger, Author and Studier of Ethical Evolution.

Hi there, my name’s Orion. Thank you for visiting my special corner of the universe. As you can see from above, I am keen writer; I enjoy it immensely. I started writing from such a young age, it’s hard to recall how my love affair ignited.

I currently live in the leafy suburbs of Surrey England, (awfully quaint) and when taking a break from the writing and reading world, I love movies, video games, walks in parks and “attempting” to improve my baking skills.

But what is Ethical Evolution, you ask? As much as I love to dream of the usual fantasy clichés; now and again I must snap out of my dream land and observe the real world; as hard as that is for a writer. I believe mankind is at a very crucial stage where we are able to create extraordinary things, both beautiful and destructive, and it’s my ambition to educate myself and those who are interested in following me, on the important issues holding humanity back from its Ethical Evolution.

Awareness of the real world is key when creating fiction. I believe one can’t live without the other, and as much as I’d love to pack it all in and become a world leading scientist who solves every problem the world has ever faced, I know I’d better leave it to the experts, and my own fictitious characters.

If you have a question you want to ask me directly, don’t hesitate to contact me on any of these: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, or alternatively you can use my contact page here on my website. And if you’d like to read some of my more personal blog posts, you can find them in this category.

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A Little More

Fave Singers

I have a weird taste in music. You will rarely find anything chart topping in my playlists. My current loves are Agnes Obel, Enya and Seal.

Fave Bands

Bonobo, because it’s ultimately chilled and totally contemporary. Vaults, because they’re weird, wonderful and unconventional. Massive Attack, because they’re slick, moody and full of grit.

Fave Movies

Other than writing, my second love is for the screen. This is a very hard one to fill, but here goes. Okja, because it’s the first animal rights action movie everyone can relate to! Bicentennial Man, because this movie stars one of Hollywood’s best entertainers, and is directed by a man brimming with humanity. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, because the stars shine brightest in this film, and there’s everything to love: the cherishment of life, the obligation to adventure, I could go on. The Fifth Element, because it’s campy, wonderful, colourful and bonkers, amazing!

Fave TV Shows

As it’s so current, there really is nothing like Game of Thrones. I was in two minds of boycotting the series at one point as it uses real fur in its costumes, but boy is this show freaking awesome. I’m a fan of the books anyway, and the screen adaptation is done with such dignity and art it really is unbeatable. Queer as Folk, because what gay man hasn’t seen either the British or American versions and not fallen in love with the characters? At last a high quality big budget show for a particular demographic, and flawlessly acted. Nurse Jackie, because who doesn’t love Edie Falco? She’s fierce, she’s feisty, she’s a saint, and she’s vegan, and to see her saving lives and tackling drug addiction as Jackie, you’ll find yourself head over heels for her.

Fave Games

I get much of my inspiration from gaming. I feel like there’s a lot of room for unconventional creativity in games that’s just not accepted anywhere else. Final Fantasy 13, because it was the first FF game I played, and it’s chock full of artwork, both audibly and visually. Majora’s Mask, because all Zelda games are spectacular in their story telling, and this game just has so much beauty and heart behind it. Heavy Rain, because it’s a game mechanic like no other, and truly I found myself caught up in the lives of people that didn’t exist. Uncharted Series, because let’s face it, Nathan Drake is a flippin’ damn dream. If ever a real gay vegan version of him existed, I would make it my life’s ambition to acquire him!

Fave Authors

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love J K Rowling. Harry Potter was the reason I became a writer. If I could be transported by JKR’s world by the words of her stories, then I knew I needed to do the same. My mind was just as crammed with ideas, as I’m sure was hers. Michelle Paver, because the Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness are the best representation of the natural world, told in a brutal, fiery and raw way, all whilst retaining its reign as a true children’s story. George RR Martin, because I’m a self confessed Game of Thrones addict, and I have upmost respect for any writer able to craft a world so unreal and real simultaneously. Naomi Novik, because fantasy is an art in itself, and she’s got it down with the worlds, characters and laws she creates in her Temeraire series.

Fave Artists

When I was younger, I never understood the success of famous artists. I was insistent they were nothing more than business people, able to confuse critics and the public they were above us in some way, so I turned to the Internet, intent on finding those less known. Michael Zancan, because his art style is spectacular, with it’s warm oil paints, soft shaping and dream-like perspective, I would hang his work on my wall any day. Leonid Afremov, because if contemporary abstract oil paintings, with an explosion of vibrancy is what you’re after, this magnificent artist has everything you’d ever want in an art piece. Totally and utterly gorgeous! Gustav Klimt, because if I’m turning to traditional art, this man is right up my alley. His work is just so warm and ahead of its time, I could sit and marvel at his works for hours.

Fave Fashion Designers

As someone who one day hopes the world will embrace modernity in its fullest, I would have to say Gareth Pugh. His designs are truly one step ahead of the game, whilst still looking totally wearable. Serge Lutens, because not only am I a fan of his perfumes, but his work with Dior and Shiseido have revolutionized the trendlessness of the fashion world, becoming its own entity entirely. Eiko Ishioka, because I have followed her work since I saw the movie, The Cell, and each and every other film she has worked on. Her designs are one of a kind, pushing the boundaries of acceptability and practicality.

Fave Actors

I have a bucket list to one day watch ALL of Tilda Swinton’s movies. I have never been so engrossed by such an artistically gifted person, and she exudes integrity and class all at the same time. Robin Williams, because the man was legendary, and to this day is the only person I never knew, and wept for the day he left us. Mr. Versatility he truly was, and I will cherish his work always. Ellen Page, because she’s everything I strive to be: intelligent, talented, beautiful, and ultimately true and unashamed.