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Everscape Follymoths 58Everscape: The Follymoths of Embra

Ethan had nowhere to call home, until a home called to him

‘WELCOME TO EMBRA’ Ethan Finch – young, rejected and full of guilt – is on the run from the police. So what’s a boy to do? Start afresh on a top-secret planet, of course.

Accepting his invitation to a new life, Ethan soon realises the ancient world of Embra drowns thick in elitism, danger and technology Earth could only wish for.

Though after his involvement in a deadly plot, a rogue robot, a corporeal goddess and a government threatening him with exile, Ethan must confront his scarring past to expose the skeletons of a supposedly perfect and beautiful place.

Can Ethan climb for his future, or will he be forced to come back down to Earth?


Available at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, in both paperback and E-book.

Genre: YA Science Fiction Fantasy
Length: Novel – 362 Pages
Published: 25th February 2018
Publisher: Orion Nebbs
Cover Artist: Orion Nebbs
Ebook ISBN-13: 9781999986612
Paperback ISBN-13: 9781999986605

Adam and the Goat 58Adam and The Goat (Coming Soon)

Adam had a perfectly normal life… until a goat ruined it. 

Adam’s life is kinda great. He’s employed, owns his own flat, loves his labels and has his eye on a girl he fancies. Yep, he’s happy as an average droning member of society, with as much ambition as a plank of wood.

But after a sloppy night out and a few too many beverages, Adam ends his drunken evening with a greasy, succulent doner kebab – a total boozy standard. But Adam’s dinner was no ordinary kebab.

From the moment the meat passed his lips, the dormant spirit of Goat had been unleashed to wreak havoc on Adam’s simple little life, swerving Adam onto a path way out of his comfort zone and into the insane depths of a world far from that of a department store sales assistant.

Andam and The Goat is scheduled for an August 2018 release.